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Starter Package


The Facilitator Guide is what you need to begin a Princess Warriors program, designed for future expansion. It explains the fundamentals, theoretical framework and program approach to Princess Warriors, and provides tools and resources for facilitators. This start-up package includes the 10-week lesson plans for Princess Warriors Training, the foundational Journey. The interactive, web-based Training covers practical tips on program start-up, using the curriculum, engaging girls and parents, and best practices to create a dynamic, supportive Circle for girls.


At initial sessions, girls are given their capes to welcome them into the Princess Warriors community. The girls wear their capes at sessions as a symbol of their individual and collective power in all future programs. Capes are 100% silk and magenta in color with elastic and orange ribbon ties.

Activity Books     

For every Journey, each girl receives an activity book, which guides them and their families through the program in a week-to-week format. The activity books contain creative or thought-provoking activities, such as drawing and matching exercises, mazes, etc., which reinforce learning objectives after each Circle session.  They also explain the Ribbons of Accomplishment to be earned at relevant points during the program.

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