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Live, interactive web-based training and individual coaching give facilitators practical tips, research-backed knowledge, confidence, and inspiration to make magic in their programs for girls.Training is offered at $29 per course. Individual consultation with PW leadership over Zoom is also available. All facilitators are welcome to join an online community of support with other facilitators, as well, at no additional cost.


Facilitator Training Course Descriptions

Introduction to Princess Warriors

Description: Provides an overview of Princess Warriors and includes practical tips on program start-up and logistics, using the curriculum, engaging girls and their parents, and best practices to create a dynamic, supportive Circle for girls.  FREE with Starter Package.

Community Engagement: Outreach, Partnerships, & Service Projects

Description: Establishing strong community relationships will not only enrich your program for the sake of the girls, it will grow enrollment numbers and revenue, volunteer support, community respect and opportunities. After all, it really does take a village to raise strong Princess Warriors. In this workshop, facilitators will get practical tips for:

  • Program outreach and promotion.

  • Setting up successful partnerships with instructors and organizations to carry out sessions, while avoiding pitfalls that leave you in the lurch and participants disappointed.

  • Creating meaningful Helping the World Projects with due diligence and efficiency to bring about public good, excitement for participants, and greater program recognition.

Effective Group Facilitation Skills

Description: This interactive course will address how to create a dynamic, engaging group for girls, working with the phases of group process over time, and some of the skills for effective group facilitation with girls, with plenty of time to discuss challenges encountered in your groups. To be covered:

  • Establishing a safe, inclusive group.

  • Practical considerations like time keeping, ground rules, seating.

  • Engaging a variety of learning styles/participants

  • Managing disruption

  • Ritual and celebration

Working with Parents & Caregivers

Description: Parents & caregivers are the key to a successful program for children. Strong youth programs give parents/caregivers the tools and language to support their children long after your program’s end. This workshop gives practical tips for establishing strong relationships with parents/caregivers and continuing to engage them through various phases of a program. We will also discuss how to deal with difficult situations that sometimes arise with parents/caregivers, so you can create a healthy partnership for the benefit of the girls and your program.

Interventions for Positive Girl Development

Description: This training will shore up your understanding of children’s development and girls’ development in particular, touching on the factors that promote resilience, emotional intelligence, positive relationships and flexible gender role development. Special attention will be given to practical ways facilitators can promote positive development in groups, using the actual interactions in groups as teachable moments. These are the “soft skills” of girl circles that make the written lesson plans real.

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