Materials Kit for Princess Warriors Training

Materials Kit for Princess Warriors Training


For those facilitators who prefer to minimize the preparation work, these kits provide many of the training materials you need to run a Princess Warriors Program, organized in easy-to understand week-to-week boxes. The basic kit contains enough materials for a group with 5 girls. For additional girls enrolled in the Journey, also order Additional Training Materials

Note: If it is your second time offering the journey, Princess Warriors Training, you do not need to order this Materials Kit, as many of these materials may be reused. Instead, order the Additional Training Materials, specifying the total number of girls enrolled. 


  • Materials Include:

    • Circle Center piece (grapevine wreath with ribbons and cloth)
    • Play silk scarves
    • Tape
    • Crayons (2 packs, 24 ct)
    • Felt stickers for cape decorating
    • Flameless tea candles (24 pack)
    • 8.5x11 Pictures of body poses (9 color prints)
    • Music makers (1 per girl)
    • Signs for 3-Act Skits (3 signs)
    • Small toys (2)
    • Crowns with nametags
    • Stepping Stones (8 poster board stone-shaped pieces)
    • Ribbons of Accomplishment (with singed ends to prevent fraying)
    • Crown decorating supplies (feathers, small wire flowers, glitter glue, etc.)


    **Unless special ordered, kits do not include music, music player, books, talking sticks (with objects girls bring to your Circle), project display (of your customized Helping the World Project), back jack floor seating, pillows and cushions, fan, apples & bowls, First Aid kits, blankets and towels, small bowl for mud, photos and memorabilia from your specific program.

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