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Warrior Friendship Training Lesson Plans

Warrior Friendship Training Lesson Plans


Within the comfort and joy of a Circle of friends, girls embark on a Journey to study the Great Friendship Arts. Through experiential activities, ritual, creativity, nature awareness, and fun, they recognize their power to forge positive friendships, learn Warrior social skills, and act as upstanding friends to those in the world who need it the most. They weave their Ribbons of Accomplishment into Friendship Wrap Bracelets, which are given to them during the Final Ceremony to honor their growing power in the great Friendship Arts. This Journey draws from themes related to gardening and fairies, and is suitable for girls of all ages. 


Journey topics include:
  • The Princess Warrior in a Circle of Friends
  • Being a Good Friend - Choosing Good Friends
  • Powerful Bodies in Balance
  • Leading and Following (power flows in friendship)
  • Standing Up for Others
  • Friends in Nature
  • Apology and Forgiveness
  • Helping the World Project
  • Weavers of Wisdom: Weaving Wrap Bracelets
  • Final Ceremony                                        


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