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Bring Warriors Events and Workshops to your 

Organization, Scout Troop or informal network!


Choose from an existing workshop series or work with us to customize a program for any group. Complete the contact form below or call Rhonda Fleischer at (917) 566-0046 to explore the possibilities.

Thanks! Message sent.

Past Workshop Series

Beyond Smoke and Mirrors

Winter 2017

This 5 week Workshop Series provides a supportive circle for girls to explore their power, look critically at media messages that impact us, and learn about girl leadership that can change the world for Good. Five gatherings include experiential activities and storytelling, sharing and support, ritual, creativity and fun. Together the girls will take on a Helping the World Project related to a cause of their choosing. There are no activity books or Ribbons for Beyond Smoke and Mirrors. Topics include:

  • The real ME / Real friends

  • Real Girls / Make Believe Girls (stereotypes & media literacy)

  • Girls around the World (stories of sameness & difference)

  • Girls Changing the World (stories of girl & women leaders)

  • Helping the World Project

Warrior Friendship Training

Upper Nyack Elementary School Afterschool Adventure Program, Upper Nyack, NY Spring 2015

Blue Rock Summer Camp, West Nyack, NY, Summer 2015

Friendship Training helps children recognize their own power to forge positive friendships and learn developmentally appropriate social skills. Each weekly gathering includes an experiential activity to teach relevant skills and spark ideas, while leaving opportunities for sharing and mutual support related to friendship. Like all Warrior programs, the sessions foster self-confidence and connection with a girl's social and natural world through ritual, creativity and fun. On the final gathering, lessons learned are reviewed and woven together through a weaving craft project.  Themes include:


  • Princess/Girl Warrior in a Circle of Friends

  • Being a Good Friend

  • Warrior Speak ("I" messages & whole body listening)   

  • Apology and Forgiveness (when things go wrong) 

  • Leading and Following (going with the power flows)

  • Standing UP for myself and others 

  • Weaving it all Together     



Summer Warrior Fridays

Blue Rock Summer Camp, W, Nyack, NY, Summer 2015

Warrior Fridays uses natural themes from summer to help children recognize their own power and the support that surrounds them in their social and natural world. Themes include:


  • The Wise Warrior and Me

  • Summer Skies and Stars

  • The Power of the Sun

  • Listening to the Silent Ones: Plants and Insects

  • Summer Harvest




Contact us at 917.566.0046 or


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