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Artemis Training Curriculum

Artemis Training Curriculum


Together with a circle of friends, girls discover connections to their own power, each other, and the world around them, using the Greek Goddess Artemis and archery as metaphor. On this Journey, they focus on a goal, harness the power of concentration and the strength of their bodies, explore nature and ancient stories, help the world, and learn archery. In Circle and at home, girls earn Ribbons to mark their accomplishments. These Ribbons are then woven around hand-made bows, collected from the woods, and given to each girl at a final ceremony.


Topics include:

1. The Archer's Goal

2. Heroes and Goddesses: Storytelling for Warriors

3. Power of Concentration

4. Artemis' Playground: Finding our Bows

5. Strong Body

6. Artemis and Orion: Making a Happy Ending

7. Helping the World

8. Archery Lesson

9. Weaving Our Bows

10. Final Ceremony: The Artemis Way


*Note: This journey involves participation in an archery lesson. Some archery ranges or instructors have minimum age requirements. It is recommended that facilitators identify the option in your area in order to ensure any young girls in your Circle are able to participate. 

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