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in Rockland County, NY

The Original Journey!


For girls ages 6-8 

with Miss Wendy Ferraro

Nyack and surrounds

In the comfort and joy of a circle of friends, girls find connections to their own power, other girls, their elders, and the world around them. Each weekly gathering builds and circles back to these themes, using arts and crafts, girl-friendly sharing, movement, nature exploration, social action, ritual and fun. In Circle and at home, girls earn Ribbons to mark their accomplishments. They weave these Ribbons onto a crown, which is then given to each girl during a community celebration that marks their final passage into Princess Warriorhood.  Girls will join with the circle of older Girl Warriors for a few sessions for comradery and mentorship. 

Artemis Procession.jpeg

Topics Include:

  1. Princess Warriors and Me

  2. Sisterhood and Friendship

  3. Mothers and Grandmothers*

  4. Power through Movement (Yoga)

  5. Gifts of Nature Hike

  6. Strong Voices: Letting the Light Inside Shine

  7. Standing Up for Myself: Strength with Kindness

  8. Helping the World Community Project*

  9. Weavers of Magic

  10. Rite of Passage Ceremony to Princess Warriors*            *Elder participation requested 


10 semi-weekly sessions meet Wednesdays 4:30-5:45pm with a few longer weekend gatherings.

Beginning October 16th through December.

Cost: $250 includes tuition, materials and activity book.

plus additional $25 cape fee for girls new to Princess Warriors.


For Girl Warriors ages 9-11

with Rhonda in Upper Nyack and surrounds

Girl Warriors ages 9 to 11 come together to create a Guild for the Warrior Arts, with handicraft, sharing, creative self-expression, social action, leadership development and imagination. 


8 semi-monthly sessions meet Saturday or Sundays 2-4:30pm

October 2019 through June 2020.

Cost: $260 

includes tuition, materials, and excursions.

plus additional $25 cloak fee for girls new to Girl Warriors.


Challenge of the Stone Hike


A Ten-Week Magical Journey to the source of POWER and how to use it for GOOD

In the joy and comfort of a circle of friends, girls hone their skills in the ancient art of Power, strengthened by connection to each other, their elders and nature. Together they will work to solve the mystery of the Great Stone, help the world, and earn ribbons of accomplishment. By Journey’s end, the girls will make Magic Wands of Power by weaving their ribbon and stone onto sticks consciously harvested from the Woods that support us. These Wands will be given to each girl at a final ceremony to mark their growing power as Princess Warriors.


Journey topics include:

  • Challenge of the Stone Part 1 (Friendship & Working Together)

  • Powerful Mind: Setting Intentions

  • Heroes & Magic Makers through the Ages:  Storytelling for Warriors 

  • Helping the World Community Project

  • Power of Words and Spells (Speaking Truth with Kindness)

  • Challenge of the Stone Nature Hike

  • Powerful Bodies: Magic in Motion

  • Friendship Potions:  Sharing Friends & Bubbling Love

  • Magic Wands: Weaving Ribbon, Stick and Stone

  • Final Ceremony                                             



Mixing Friendship Potions

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