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"I like learning how to be strong and I like sharing my friendship with all the girls."

-6 year old Princess Warrior

"What I loved most about Princess Warriors was spending time with friends, making new friends and being adventurous."    

- 7 year old Princess Warrior

Princess Warriors is truly an amazing program! It's helped my daughter find her voice, be a better friend, and open her heart to help others and the world. It has nurtured her emotional intelligence in a most magical way. Rhonda's deep experience in curriculum design, social work, women's circles, activism, and loving parenting is infused into every part of this program. What a gift to have this here, now, for my daughter. I look forward to it rippling out to the world!      

- Lisa, Mother of a Princess Warrior

"I love the whole concept of PW, the conscious alternative to other programs for girls, the content and structure of the workbook. And I love the joy I see in my daughter's face when she's sharing something with her sisters."               

 - Mother of a Princess Warrior



"I like reinforcing the concept of deeply listening and courageously sharing what is in their heart. It teaches them to courageously share their truth and vulnerability and that even if their trust is shaken, they know that safe and sacred space with women exists and they can derive strength in that. I think it also helps them learn how to create it for themselves with other women. To echo the concept out into the world. Last but not least, I love that they are learning, so young, that we find joy in loving our sister's light. That all our lights grow stronger and brighter when we share our lights lovingly and joyfully."    - Mother of a Princess Warrior

Archery Lesson, Artemis Training, Fall 2016


"I like the focus on self esteem and also how to get along with girls. I think it's important to start early as the pressures at school and around start so early these days.      

- Mother of a Princess Warrior



I like the wearing of capes, regular song and ritual of the talking stick to add an element of magic and fun. I love the building of camaraderie and the rewarding of girls achieving positive behavior and introspection."   

- Mother of a Princess Warrior

"I don't want to be a Princess. I want to be a Princess Warrior!" 

                - 7 year old Princess Warrior


Final Ceremony, Princess Warrior Training, Fall 2016


Power through Movement Yoga Lesson, 

Princess Warrior Training, Fall 2016


Helping the World Project,

SPCA Dog-Walk-a-Thon

Princess Warrior Training, Fall 2016


"Princess Warriors has been nothing short of incredible for my daughter. Through a uniquely powerful group setting, Rhonda has created a safe space in which young girls can find their voices and explore their personal power; A place to form deep bonds and special friendships; A circle in which they are respectfully listening and being heard. Maybe most importantly, Rhonda holds the space for a way of being together that taps into the deep well of wisdom and compassion that is so needed in our girls' culture right now. Not only has my daughter developed a group of close-knit friends and “sisters”, she now moves through the world with a new kind of power and confidence, supported by communication skills that have flourished due to her time at Princess Warriors."     

- Julie, Mother of a Princess Warrior

"I love Rhonda because she makes Princess Warriors more than Princess Warriors. She makes Nature Warriors, Love Warriors, and Friendship Warriors, and Magic Warriors, too."

      - 6 year old Princess Warrior

"The Princess Warriors program arms girls against some of the most challenging aspects in our culture by teaching them emotional intelligence, the importance of social support, valuing courage and kindness over appearance, and finding their own voice rather than just fitting in.”   - Sally Clark, author of  "The Way of the Warrior Mama: A Guide to Protecting Your Daughter and Thriving in Your Mama Life."


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