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Become a Princess Warriors Facilitator and change the world with GIRL POWER!

Looking to create a supportive community for girls in your area?

Do you feel passionate about girl empowerment?

Want to be a force to help our daughters with meaningful social and emotional learning?


  • Facilitator Guide with 10-week Lesson Plans for Princess Warriors Training

  • Activity Books 

  • Capes (100% silk)

  • Additional Curricula


Email us at to schedule a call at a time most convenient for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can become a Princess Warriors facilitator?

Facilitators may be educators, counselors, yoga instructors, parents, or simply caring mentors. Credentials are not necessary. What’s most important is that you have a:

  • Passion for girl empowerment

  • Playful spirit

  • Caring, engaging way with children

  • Basic skill set to create a dynamic, supportive group for girls.


Princess Warriors offers facilitator training and support packages for women who want to build their facilitation skills and confidence.

What are the benefits of being a Princess Warriors Facilitator?

  • The joy of seeing the wonder on the girls' faces and watching them grow in confidence, social and emotional skills, and perspective.

  • If you have a daughter of your own, creating an enriching community to support her positive development. 

  • Income doing something you love on your own terms at a time that works for your schedule.

  • If you are a human service professional, yoga instructor or other practitioners, a chance to round out your service offerings and reach elementary school age girls in an engaging way with research-backed curricula.

How much money can I earn from being a Princess Warriors Facilitator?

You determine the money you earn, based on the fees you charge and all of your expenses. Earnings would likely increase the more girls who participate and with subsequent program offerings. Some women earn income through Princess Warriors ($400-$1200 per Journey), while others choose to offer it as community service, charging only what’s needed to cover program costs.

What would I be responsible for as a Facilitator?

As an independent facilitator, you create your own Circles for girls in your area, recruit and register participants, identify a suitable space for gatherings, determine appropriate participation fees, etc. There is an initial investment of money and time in the Starter Package, along with capes and activity books for the girls once they enroll. However, you recoup those costs from participant fees, and once purchased, the curriculum is yours to keep and use as many times as you wish. If you want your Circle to continue in subsequent seasons, you could purchase additional curricula for other programs. Payment plans are available.

What type of Training and Support is offered to new Facilitators?

The Starter Package includes a live, interactive, web-based training, "Introduction to Princess Warriors". Additional technical support is available ongoing. Support is provided by a licensed social worker with over twenty years’ experience, drawing from the latest research and practical experience related to girls' issues, positive youth development, group facilitation, community engagement, and program development.

I’m interested. What do I do next?

Email us to set up an Intro call. This will give you the chance to get any final questions answered, learn about packages available and next steps. You can also just email us at to schedule a call at a time most convenient for you.



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